We offer turnkey, self-install, and everything in between when it comes to getting our kilns into your facility!  If you'd like to manage things yourself and keep costs to a minimum, our kilns come with every significant component pre-mounted, piped, and wired on the kiln chamber, ready to be placed into your facility and connected to an electrical disconnect, a heat source, and cooling water.  If you'd like a more hands-off installation, we offer complete turnkey installation as well!

We'll come to you!

We have vacuum kilns installed in Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and throughout the United States.  Where you need drying capacity, we can install a vacuum kiln!


  • Turnkey Installations
  • Self-install Installations
  • Heating and Cooling Water Systems
  • Punch List Assistance

After sales support

First time buyer?  Every VacDry vacuum kiln comes with three months of full kiln operation assistance: you effectively have an expert vacuum kiln operator on your payroll from day one!  With modern advances in computer technology, you're not in this alone: when you're happy, we're happy!  And, if you have a problem (even brand new valves sometimes fail after a few hours of operation) we're right there by your side.  Our SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) software allows us to see all of the relevant details of your new vacuum kiln's operation.  We've seen everything under the sun, and can help you with anything that might crop up!

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