Vacuum kilns can do a super fine job of drying lumber. They are much more economical than conventional kilns and they are much easier to operate.


These four VK4M's can dry approximately 1,162,500 board feet of 4/4 lumber per year.


Load of Red Beech being rolled into a PCSVacDry Kiln in New Zealand. 


This started as a row of two VK8's. It ended up being a row of six. But, for comparison, four VK8M's can dry 2,325,000 board feet of lumber per year.

A nice loading station with vacuum grab, bridge crane and retaining walls for fast builds of square loads.

The key to keeping up with the fast-drying kilns is good material handling. Transporters can move the kiln charges from a loading station or parking station. The transporter below is wheeled.
This transporter is an air castor.
Wood being "floated" into a PCSVacDry Kiln with an air castor.
We used vacuum manipulators for efficient operation at the loading station. They can be designed to lift plates and wood.
A plate being lifted onto a load of lumber using our vacuum manipulator.
Top view of a layer of lumber being lifted with a vacuum manipulator.
View from the bottom of a layer of lumber being lifted by our vacuum manipulator.
The vacuum manipulators are professionally designed for years of labor saving, trouble free design.
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