Process Control Specialties, Inc. (PSCI) manufactures PCS VacDry vacuum kilns as well as a wide range of custom process control systems and conventional kiln controllers for the forest products industry.  The PCS VacDry vacuum kilns are a high quality, effective, and efficient wood drying vacuum kiln system.  PCSI was formed by Dennis Socling as a Sole Proprietorship in 1988.  In 2004, as a result of reorganization, Process Control Specialties, Inc. became a Subchapter S Corporation.

Process Control Specialties, Inc. is family owned and operated.


We are on a mission.

Process Control Specialties, Inc. is committed to providing high quality, effective and efficient PCS VacDry Kilns and process control systems for both conventional and vacuum kilns  to the forest industry.  PCS VacDry Kilns are manufactured in the United States.  When you buy a VacDry vacuum kiln, you're supporting the families of workers making a real living wage in exchange for their lifetime of expertise and skills.

 Environmentally friendly.


THE ENVIRONMENT IS IMPORTANT TO US!!  PCS VacDry kilns are efficient to operate.  They typically use 50% less energy than conventional drying methods.  And because the kilns are built around a totally contained system, VOC emissions are negligible and any by-products effluents can easily be treated prior to disposal if needed...and we've all seen what happens to the concrete outside of a conventional kiln!

Flexible AND versatile.


PCS VacDry vacuum kilns are designed to be flexible.  The same kiln can dry baseball bat billets or gigantic slabs.  The benefits of carefully drying wood under reduced atmospheric pressure are unparalleled by any other drying method.  Vacuum drying, when done with care and skill, minimizes internal stresses and maximizes yield.  It produces wood that looks more natural, and is degraded less by the drying process.   

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