Vacuum kilns can do a super fine job of drying lumber. They are much more economical than conventional kilns and they are much easier to operate.


These four VK4M's can dry approximately 1,162,500 board feet of 4/4 lumber per year.


Attention Baseball Bat Manufacturers:

Want to compete with Marucci and Louisville?  We can help you compete, you need the equipment they use!  We have the "secret" equipment that other major bat manufacturers don't want you to know about AND won't talk about!!  

Family owned and operated, VacDry Kilns are proudly built in the USA!


Does your company use figured or live edged wood, slabs, or cookies?

We can help!  Our kilns have the ability to give you the quality you want with the speed you need!! 

Family owned and operated, VacDry Vacuum Kilns are proudly built in the USA by master craftsmen using aluminum extruded in Pennsylvania!

Jeff Koons LLC is sculpting a life-size recreation of the Liberty Bell. Jeff Koons has been described as the most successful American Artist since Warhol. When he needed a block of American Elm that is 10.5" thick by 25" wide by 100" long dried, he turned to PCS VacDry Vacuum Kilns to dry this piece of timber timber. We dried the block to under 20% moisture content in 30 days. The block will now go to a CNC mill to be machined into the yoke for the Liberty Bell replica. And the PCS drying process did not introduce a single new surface or end check.

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