"Just wanted to thank you all for your input on drying my burl. At this point I don't feel as though I could have found two more knowledgeable people than Dennis and Garrett Socling. Garrett sent me a few photos after a week in the "chamber" and the degrade appears to be non existent or minimal at best. Gotta love this technology. I can't wait to see the finished product. If it holds together (and I expect it will) this process will stand as a real milestone in drying technology. Not that I know much about drying but after talking to at least a dozen experts and getting an equal number of conflicting opinions, if we are successful, this will effectively set some new standards in the drying world. I can't imagine why anyone would want to use traditional methods of air drying for several years then kiln drying for several months if vacuum drying can be so effective with such quick turnaround. Thanks again Dennis." - Parker Converse, Parker Converse Custom Rocking Chairs

 "Thank you so much for the referrals.  Buying your great kiln is one thing, but having you send work my way is over the top awesome.  Thank you!" - Ron Andres, EC Precision

"We received the wood (recovered old growth Redwood) back Thursday and resawed it Friday. It was everything you and Steve McMinn said it would (be). I am extremely pleased and excited to move forward. There was no end checking, no warp or cupping and once resawn it held nice and straight with a beautiful color and no cell collapse. It is the most consistent moisture content I've ever experienced. Thanks Den." - Dave Winkle, Humboldt Lumber

"The experiments of drying various species and thicknesses has gone very well. The last load had such a mix of things to be sure I ran a slow ramp. 2" maple slabs, 1" twisted and warped Koa slabs with large crotch sections, 1" fir slabs (with no pitch problems) and fir 4"x4"x8' boards, even some spruce 1" and 1.5" blocks mixed in to shim areas of piles that were mixed thicknesses. Everything turned out great, most amazing was the Koa, color unharmed and flat! Hard to believe if anyone had seen how warped they were going in they would not believe that they were the same boards!" - Steve Farrell, Pacific Rim Tonewoods

""No one in New Zealand could dry New Zealand RED BEECH----NO ONE!, Even our New Zealand Forest Research Institute Scientists, these guys wrote volumes of books as to how they thought the millers should approach kiln drying this species--ALL FAILED! Then a small parcel of the species was shipped to the Soclings for trialing, Den and Garrett persevered, in the finish they found the answer, Den was saying, he has never --'ever seen such a difficult species to dry'..."  - Richard Mackinnon, Forestry consultant

"We dry almost all of our lumber in your kiln. Bob and I have often remarked that buying a vacuum dry kiln from you is the best equipment purchase we have made. The ever faster pace of change and customer requirements makes vacuum drying indispensable."  - Tim Hoolsema, Michigan Chair

"Our VacDry kilns are really the heart of our entire production process.  It produces our native New Zealand hardwoods in a much shorter time with consistently high quality.  Without them we'd need to rethink our business model." - Daniel Tung, New Zealand Sustainable Forest Products

"At first, our customers didn't believe us when we told them we could deliver their 6/4 Hard Maple in about 8 days.  But when they saw the results of the first load they changed their tune.  The quality was outstanding and the delivery was right on schedule."  - Steve Blakeman, Blakeman Hardwoods

"It's truly amazing, our hard maple comes out lighter and brighter than it ever did in our conventional kilns.  The color is the first thing our customers notice.  And it's all due to our two VacDry VK4.0 kilns." - Bruce Bester, Bester Forest Products

"We sure enjoy our vacuum kiln!" - Steve Farrell, Pacific Rim Tonewoods

"What I like best is, once I flatten out one of these big vacuum dried slabs they stay right where I put them." -  Tom Svec, Tom Svec Furniture Design

"We was very impressed with the first batch of wood that came out. It was a small batch just to get our feet wet but that all turned out beautiful." -

"You have sold me. The load I picked up today was incredible. I have never had a load of figured wood lay as flat as this . I am used to pretzels. This was stunning to say the least." - Bob Kloes, Kloes Custom Furniture
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