How effective are VacDry vacuum kilns for just-in-time manufacturing?

Begin with the fact that a huge log-yard is no longer necessary. VacDry Kilns can get wood out the door so fast that you don’t need to make sure the logs are already in inventory. In many cases, the wood can be loaded, dried and unloaded in less than 10 days.

VacDry Kilns do best with wood that is freshly cut. You want to avoid the exposure to air that results in the beginning of drying degrade.

Now you don’t need to know how many weeks are required for air-drying before your wood can even go into a kiln. What would air-drying conditions be? You would need to forecast relative humidity and wind speed. What a pain in the behind!

Then, if you are drying in conventional kilns, you have to add weeks or months drying from a moisture content that you can’t be sure of.

VacDry Kilns skip all of this. Saw, dry, ship and that’s it – two weeks or less!  For the first time, the forest products industry can take advantage of just-in-time manufacturing.   You can take orders you weren't able to respond to in time, and quickly get the needed dried wood in inventory.  You can out compete your competitors when your drying times are reduced by 60 to 80%!

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