The VacDry 1.25 is designed to get a VacDry vacuum kiln into your facility without breaking the bank.  While the per-kiln charge size may appear small, do not doubt this is rugged, Made in the USA piece of industrial production equipment: it'll easily dry over 100,000 boardfeet of most domestic 4/4 lumber per year.  

When you need the capacity of a larger kiln but still want to be able to easily load by hand, the VacDry 2.5 is a natural step up from the 1.25.  With the same dimensions, but at twice the length, it's easy for a small crew to get serious production out of a small footprint.

When you're ready for some serious capacity, you're ready for a VacDry 4.0 vacuum kiln.  Our most popular model, it strikes an excellent balance between yearly capacity and initial capital investment. 

Our most popular model, with the best cost per capacity ratio due to more efficient manufacturing dimensions.  More ergonmic dimensions, and more usable clear plate width: with the new proportions comes a new plate size of 50" wide. 

VacDry VK3.0 at Pacific Rim Tonewoods

 VacDry VK3.0 at Pacific Rim Tonewoods


While not designed specifically for the baseball billet market, the VacDry 5.0 is a perfect fit for the boutique bat manufacturer.  The low kiln charge height combined with the massive per-charge capacity means that this is the perfect kiln (and perfect production upgrade) for the smaller "buy and dry" manufacturers.  With a per-charge billet capacity of 2110 billets, this kiln will make you a major league player in the bat manufacturing market.

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