With our VacDry kilns, it doesn't matter if there are gaps or uncovered heating plates. And the best part was a MC in the teens in 7 days! The customer was hoping for anything under 25%.

One of our oldest, and certainly our largest customer in the United States, Lewis & Hockenberry has always been a strong innovator when it comes to incorporating VacDry and our vacuum kiln drying technology in their vertically integrated factory.  Today, that means means making use of their deep vacuum kiln drying capacity on behalf of Louisville Slugger for their MLB Prime series of baseball bats.  Between Louisville Slugger and Marucci Bat, the vast majority of MLB Pros are swinging wood dried by PCS VacDry Kilns.  When quality counts!


When Forever Beech aka New Zealand Sustainable Forest Product needed to make use of a forest species that was abundant in the sustainable managed forests of New Zealand, but underutilized due to existing drying methods being unable to reliably process the wood into a finished product, PCS VacDry Kilns worked diligently for a number of years to understand the nature of Nothofagus fusca (Red Beech) and come up with a way to successfully dry it.  The end result is the largest VacDry kiln installation outside of the United States, five VacDry 4.0 kilns and one VacDry 1.25 kiln.

For Marucci Sports, PCS VacDry vacuum kilns are an essential component in their relentless drive for excellence, controlling the largest VacDry vacuum kiln installation dedicated solely for baseball bat billet production.

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