New Zealand Sustainable Forest Products LP of Reefton, New Zealand had a lightly used VacDry 1.25 they'd originally acquired for research and development before expanding to four VacDry 4.0m vacuum kilns.  This kiln is currently being installed in Australia. The new owners are a brand new company which plans on cornering a market. They are about to receive their new VK3.5.

The VacDry 1.25 will be installed alongside the new kiln and will provide the same service that it did more than a decade ago. It will be used to optimize existing drying schedules and it will be used to develop new schedules for new species. Some of the Eucalyptus that these guys have are very hard to dry.

As we did in New Zealand, we will operate the Research & Development kiln in Australia from here in Pennsylvania. At the same time, we will be doing our usual new-kiln-monitoring and operator training through our computers interface to the customer’s kilns.

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