Dennis will answer your calls and emails regarding vacuum kilns.

Dennis is in charge of engineering, vacuum kiln design, production and sales.  He is constantly developing new schedules for current customers.

Work Experience

Dennis has 30 years of experience working with wood drying kilns; designing and building process control systems and vacuum kilns.  After completing four years of undergraduate work at Penn State, Dennis worked for Erie Murata on the production line.  Within a few months he was promoted to Process Engineering.  After leaving Erie, Dennis worked for LeMont Scientific, Inc., as production manager.  LeMont Scientific manufactured Image Analysis Systems.  In 1985 Dennis started working for Velda US.  It was here that he became involved with the wood drying process.  In 1988, Dennis started PC Specialties as a manufacturer of industrial process equipment.

Crucial Facts about me

  • President of Process Control Specialties
  • Available for seminars, workshops and meetings
  • Has extensive experience in the manufacturing industry with production and design capabilities
  • Developed the Intellectual Property behind the PCS VacDry vacuum kilns

Social Profile

Dennis is a long-standing forum moderator for The Forestry Forum.

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